LaundryCat App

Forget your Laundry Card one day? No Problem!


At BlueWater Wash Laundromats, we give you the option of using a cashless system via the LaundryCat App. In addition to payment,  the app also lets you check machine availability, as well as track your current cycles in real-time!


Install the app from your phone’s app store, then follow the steps below for setup:

Apple App Store link


Google Play Store link

Step 1

After downloading the app, Sign In with your apple ID, google credentials, or sign up with just your email. Laundry Cat will then send a confirmation link to your email. Once you click the link that you received via email, you have activated your account!

Step 2

Add Funds to your account balance via Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Step 3

Connect your account to your laundry facility. Press the green Connect button on your phone.

  • For iPhone users, hold the top of your phone near the card reader of any laundry machine in of the laundromat (iPhone 7 or later is required).
  • For Android users, hold the middle of your phone near the card reader on any laundry machine inside of the laundromat.

Step 4

Once connected to your laundry facility, you will be able to see the Availability of any machine inside of the laundromat. It will also show how many minutes are remaining on each machine that is in use.

Step 5

Find an empty machine inside the Laundromat, load your clothes into the machine and then press the green Pay button on the App.

Step 6

Hold the top of your phone close to the Card Reader that is installed on your machine to pay for your cycle. Once payment is received, your machine will get to work cleaning all of your clothes!

Step 7

You will be able to see your machines in the app under the “My Cycles” button. You are able to operate and monitor multiple washers and dryers.