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The Newest Laundromat Experience for Greater Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE!

Our Philadelphia, PA location is now OPEN!

The Cleanest, Safest, and Most Modern Laundromat in Town!

Safe. Secure. Convenient.

BlueWater Wash Laundromats are always located in large, well-lit retail shopping centers.

We strive to make your laundry-washing experience as convenient as the other errands in your life. 

Merchants Square Laundromat Location Collage

Our amenities mean you don't have to put your life on hold for your laundry

The advantage of our locations is that you can run your other errands, like grocery shopping, the pharmacy or getting a bite to eat, all while your laundry is running! 

  • Many payment options: Cash, Credit, EBT Cash, Apple/Samsung Pay
  • High Tech Touch Screen Machines
  • Complimentary "Cycle Done" Texts
  • Free Sanitary Machine Rinse
  • Phone charging stations, Wifi, and Big Screen TV's
  • A/C and Vending Machines
  • Personal Folding Tables

We Have the Latest in Modern Laundromat Equipment

Our Wilmington and Philadelphia locations are both fully equipped with the Ultra-modern, Extra Large Galaxy Touchscreen Machines from Huebsch. Offering contactless payment options with several custom wash cycles designed to fit your needs!

BlueWater Wash Services

  • No Wait

    Receive complimentary “Cycle Done” texts so you can run other errands in between cycles.

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  • 24-Hour

    24-Hour self service. Our facilities are always attended, brightly lit, and state-of-the-art.

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  • Drop-Off

    Wash/Dry/Fold drop-off service. We notify you when your clothes are ready for pickup.

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  • Free Dry!

    Earn your FREE DRY minutes with each wash so you never have to pay for a dry again!

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  • Contactless

    Our coinless/contactless machines are regularly sanitized to provide you with the cleanest laundromat experience possible.

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  • Commercial Services

    We offer custom commercial quotes that are tailored to fit the needs of your business, and your budget!

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Now OPEN in Philadelphia!

Philly! We are now open daily from 6AM - 11PM!

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Wilmington Location

Philadelphia Location

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wash cost?

The cost of each load varies depending on which machine size you choose as well as what cycle modifiers you select before beginning your wash cycle.

If you’re unsure of which size washer best suits your needs, ask one of our friendly attendants for assistance and they will be glad to help!

What payment options are available?

Since all of our services are paid for through the BlueWater Wash Laundry Card (Self Service, Wash & Fold, and Vending Machines), our Laundry Card Kiosks accept Cash, CreditCard, EBT cash, Apple and Samsung Pay.

Forget your Laundry Card? Use the LaundryCat App on your phone and simply tap your phone on the card reader attached to your machine to pay for your wash cycle. It’s as easy as that!

Do the washers lock?

Yes your washer remains locked during the entire wash cycle. Be sure to be present when the cycle completes to remove your clothes, as we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

How long is a wash cycle?

Each wash cycle completes in 22-28 minutes.

What is the LaundryCat App?

The LaundryCat App allows our customers another payment option via their cell phone. They can effortlessly begin their loads of laundry by simply tapping their phone on the card readers attached to each laundry machine. If you need assitance, flag down one of our attendants and they will gladly assist you!

You can also check your available LaundryCat balance on the app and add additional money to your balance via Apple/Samsung Pay or with any debit/credit card.

How quickly can my WDF order be completed?

At BlueWater Wash, we offer same day and next day Wash & Fold Service. We’re here to accommodate you, depending on your needs! Customers will also receive a text message as soon as their order is complete and ready for pickup.

What products do you sell in the store?

Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets, Snacks and Drinks, as well as our Heavy Duty BlueWater Wash Laundry Bags! We’ve got you covered if you forget the essentials when you leave your home!

How does the dryer know how many minutes I've earned?

After your wash, depending on which size washing machine you use, your laundry card communicates with the dryer that you choose to award you your free dry minutes!


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